Teddy Rendahl

Experienced software engineer who has architected systems deployed across the globe. Built backend services for data analysis, AI model inference, training, and warehouse automation.



Confident anywhere in the Python ecosystem. Experienced with the standard library as well all common scientific libraries. Used Python for production systems involving Computer Vision, Data Pipelines, Web Services, Robotics and more.

System Architecture

Worked with Product and Sales team to develop complete scalable software solutions. Designed APIs and microservices for systems using cutting edge AI to interact with hardware.


Skilled at using state of the art Computer Vision and AI technologies to create practical products for warehouse automation. Built reliable backend systems to collect data, train and deploy models in a space where demands for accuracy and throughput are high.


  • 2019 - 2023


    Developed software using Rust and Python to allow robots to manipulate objects. Managed a software team in a startup environment utilizing modern Computer Vision and AI techniques. Created external APIs using multiple protocols utilized by customers around the world.

  • 2015 - 2019

    SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

    Designed software to help experimenters understand the inner workings of molecules on a femtosecond scale. Wrote software in a fast pased environment to utilize instrumentation SDKs. Worked on code to record, analyze and store data. Also responsible for the design of user interfaces and APIs for use by scientific staff.

  • 2010 - 2014

    UC Santa Cruz

    Earned my Bachelor Degree in Applied Physics at UC Santa Cruz. The breadth of courses in the discipline allowed me to follow interests from General Relativity to Electrical Engineering. While there I also worked closely on a Python based simulation suite for to estimate the stochastic variation over distant galaxies life spans. The work not only received the Undergraduate Research Award, but was my first foray into the power of scientific computing.


Open Source Projects

Rust Deep Learning Framework

NYT Automated Gameplay

Jet Tracking